A crowd sourcing news platform.

Impact International
  • Category News/Publications
  • Location Nairobi, Kenya


Ushahidi provides a free and open source platform for gathering and reporting news events, the moment they occur.


Review: Challenge – momentous events occur internationally that have a significant and direct or indirect impact upon many people. When events such as violent conflicts, massive explosions, natural disasters and disease epidemics arise; the most up to date and accurate, informative details should be available to the public, immediately. Lack of major news reporting agencies at the scene or government restrictions on news reporting contribute to such news being restricted or slow to reach the masses. Ushahidi created and produced a platform that permits users to transmit newsworthy events and to record the details, as they occur. Ushahidi improves and enhances the transparency and distribution of news worthy events. Solution –Ushahidi, created and produced a groundbreaking platform that permits users to capture and report news events as they occur. The software created and provided by Ushahidi is readily available via the Internet and mobile devices. This platform contains built-in data filters and also executes information confirmation and obtains collaboration from sources like Twitter, SMS, email and RSS. This clever product is used internationally. Users are able to discern, analyze and report their analyses. Among other features, this intelligent platform also enables the creation of dashboards to personalize news streams and monitor social media. NGO’s, news organizations, non-profits and individuals utilize this crowd sourcing platform. Since the violence following the 2008 Kenyan elections, Ushahidi has provided over 35,000 maps and maintains and supports more than 30 languages. Another brainy feature is the interactive map for tracking news reports. This is a powerful tool because it provides both a visual aid and a spatial context to the events being reported in real-time. Ushahidi also supports videos and images. The transparency of news is crucial within any democracy. Ushahidi endeavors for more than satisfactory quality control and classifies reports as unconfirmed until they are verified; thereby negating concern from non verifiable news sources. Additional Notes: Ushahidi also provides technology solutions and consulting services to a wide variety of clients. Impact: Ushahidi reports news worthy events and has a wide variety of international users and so, we give it a “International Impact” rating.