A web and mobile application for discovering events and promoting social networking.

Impact Regional
  • Category Social Networking
  • Location Cairo, Egypt


Eventtus is a platform that promotes social and business networking via stimulating events and activities. Users are able to search for events based on location and interest.


Challenge – Most people desire to discover and locate engaging and gratifying events that enable them to make new and lasting connections with those people who enjoy similar activities. Making a successful connection with another, based on common interests is a wonderful way to build and nurture lasting friendships. Eventtus designed a platform that allows organizers to advertise future events and potentially maximize attendance. The primary goal of the Eventtus platform is to provide a trouble-free way for people to locate events and via their attendance, promote social networking. Solution – Eventtus allows its consumers to search for exciting events and to share those plans with their network friends. Users derive great pleasure from social interaction. By sharing, posting videos, writing comments and even linking their accounts to other popular social media websites, the scope of friendships and shared interests broaden. Event attendees are able to personalize their profiles and connect with others based upon comparable interests. Another positive feature displayed by Eventtus, is user recommendation based upon interest and location. Event organizers use this platform for promotion and for attendee “feedback”. Additional Notes: The application is available via Android and iOS devices and is currently used in Egypt and some parts of the Middle East. Impact: Eventtus has a presence in Egypt and a few Middle Eastern countries and so, we give it a “Regional Impact” rating.