A website that provides info-graphic material and transparency referencing the Nigerian budget.

Impact Local
  • Category News/Publications
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria


Budgit is a practical medium that provides Nigerian budget information. Viewers can see how national revenues are allocated amongst the federal and state governments.


Challenge – Citizens have every right to know the allocation and disbursements of the national revenue. Budgetary information can often be intimidating, voluminous and quite difficult to understand. Budgit strives to simplify the Nigerian budget allocations and to promote transparency. Solution – Budgit utilizes public information to create info-graphic material concerning the Nigerian budget. Budgit provides a creative system to promote fiscal transparency. Budgit affords information and knowledge to the general public, as it is also an educational learning tool. Passionate discussions and debates among Nigerians arise as to the manner in which the Nigerian government allocates and spends the national revenue. The Budgit website is straightforward and is easy to navigate. The info-graphic displays eliminate the use of complicated economic jargon and the descriptions used are quite easy to follow. Additional Notes: Budgit provides downloadable source documents for those more inclined to dive deeper into some of the information. Furthermore, anyone can request additional data that is not readily available on the website. Impact: Budgit focuses on the Nigerian budget, and so we give it a “Local Impact” rating.