A web and mobile app for employment searches and recruitment for blue-collar job seekers.

Impact Regional
  • Category Career/Employment
  • Location Accra, Ghana


mPawa is a web and mobile application providing blue-collar job searches and recruitment within the African continent. This valuable and very essential tool facilitates and spotlights targeted and focused employment. Potential employers will post employment opportunities and those seeking jobs will be able to apply, with ease.


Challenge – In Ghana and throughout Africa, many individuals participate in the informal economic sector in order to make a living. The informal economy can be loosely defined as a sector of the economy that is not taxed, not closely measured in mainstream economic metrics and is subject to little or no economic oversight. According to a 2009 research report by the International Labour Office (ILO), it is estimated that informal employment comprises 72% of non-agricultural employment in sub-Saharan Africa. Informal employment participants, especially job seekers, often find it difficult to sustain stable work and are quite often exploited. mPawa creates and maintains a platform that connects employment providers with job seekers. Via this device, mPawa enables job seekers to highlight their skills and to negotiate the fair and just terms of their employment. Solution – mPawa created a job matching and recruitment platform for blue-collar workers. Job seekers are able to simply search for employment online or via mobile devices. This operational platform is equipped with job notification messaging and also features pre-screening filters in order to select the most qualified workers. These filters include employment knowledge, experience, area of expertise and the number of years of experience, among others. mPawa enables users easy access to the platform via SMS on mobile devices, which is most important, as SMS does not require Internet access. Additional notes: mPawa currently has a presence in both Ghana and Kenya and its goal is to provide valuable service throughout the African continent. Impact: mPawa currently has a presence in Ghana and Kenya and so we give it a “Regional Impact rating”