A web and mobile app for knowledge and information sharing and learning.

Impact Regional
  • Category E-Learning
  • Location Kampala, Uganda


BrainShare is a web and mobile app for sharing class notes, knowledge, information and learning.


Challenge – Education, a factor which is of paramount importance to progressive development and economic growth, is confronted with numerous challenges that make it more than ready for technological advancement. Substandard infrastructure, inadequately trained teachers, inferior quality or out of date educational materials are just some of the problems inherent within the education sector. BrainShare intends to be an integral part of this advancement process by promoting knowledge and information sharing and learning via the Internet and mobile technology. Solution – BrainShare enables students to access scholarly materials, such as, class notes, academic papers and e-books. BrainShare promotes collaborative communication between students and teachers. This innovative platform allows teachers to respond to questions from students and provides practice examinations, which are easily accessible. BrainShare is accessible via low-end phones and is even available without Internet access through “unstructured supplementary service data” or USSD. This technology guarantees that the content is extensively distributed and readily available upon demand. BrainShare is particularly important for students residing in rural areas and those students living in cities, where Internet access may be unreliable. BrainShare is currently focused in Uganda and has viable plans for regional expansion into neighboring countries. Additional Notes: Content by Education Level – Students can access sections, which correspond to their education level (i.e. university, primary (elementary) or secondary (high) school.) Impact: BrainShare is currently focused in Uganda, so we give it a “Local Impact” rating.