A web and mobile application that provides children with interactive educational materials.

Impact Local
  • Category E-Learning
  • Location Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


A platform that provides children with interactive lessons that includes a plethora of engaging, local content. Kids will be able to use mobile phones to respond to quizzes during lessons. Ubongo is available through TV and radio broadcasts, as well.


Review: Challenge – Education is imperative to the economic growth potential within the African continent. Education has faced and continues to face countless challenges that make it ripe for technological advancement. Significant momentum has been made regarding primary education in Tanzania. For example, primary school enrollment rates increased from 58.8% in 2000 to 97.3% in 2007. In spite of this achievement, problems still exist and persist. Inadequate infrastructure, poorly trained teachers, and a lack of discerning learning materials, tailored to the needs of the children within their local environment hinder the kids learning capacity and potential and thus, the future economic potential of Africa The Primary education pass rate was only 31% in 2012. Ubongo has created a precise platform for children to access well defined interactive lessons through multi-media broadcasting and mobile devices. Solution –Ubongo has created an exciting, educational platform that utilizes engaging lessons to make learning fun and stimulating for children. Lessons are available via TV and radio broadcasts and also via web and mobile devices. The children learn tvia stories, which are followed by quizzes to help test their comprehension of what was taught. The kids are then able to respond via SMS. There are tremendous opportunities for online and digital education in Africa, and Ubongo is positioning itself to be a leader in this positive transformation. Digital and multi-media education, in addition to traditional schooling, may help stimulate creativity ingenuity and curiosity. As digital methods of learning become more acceptable, digital learning will inspire kids to explore additional areas of study well beyond the local educational opportunities available to them. Ubongo will afford children in rural areas the ability to access educational content and to actively interact with teachers and other students. While currently focused in Tanzania, Ubongo will most definitively distribute its content to viewers across Africa. Additional Notes: Ubongo is also registered in the US as Ubongo Inc. and Ubongo plans to distribute its content throughout Africa and worldwide. Impact: Ubongo is currently focused in Tanzania and so, we give it a “Local Impact” rating.