Fonenode enables web and mobile devices to communicate with telephone networks

Impact Local
  • Category Technology/Software
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria


Fonenode enables web and mobile devices to communicate with telephone networks and is currently available in Nigeria.


Review: Challenge – The ever increasing Internet penetration in Nigeria and within the African continent has led to an increasing development in online businesses. These businesses require more rapid, less expensive and expedient methods of communicating with partners and consumers Since telecommunication costs are expensive to all parties concerned with online business, Fonenode has developed and produced an application that enables direct telephone calls and messaging from a participating merchants browser. Solution - Fonenode enables web applications to connect with existing telephone networks, thus enabling users to make or receive calls. The telecommunications company is no longer relevant as the middleman between the consumer and the business and that is the key advantage. This advantage will reduce communication costs for all parties involved. Users can make toll free calls directly from Internet browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The beauty of this feature is that there is no necessity to download any additional software. A very practical and essential application of this product is authentication of all online transactions. Further, a simple click of the button within the browser would connect the consumer to a customer service representative. This amazing feature would avoid sending notifications to recipients who do not have email addresses. Additional Notes: Customers can review a breakdown of their calls and messages through the report analytics provided by Fonenode. Anyone, including international travelers, could obtain a Nigerian phone number at an affordable rate. Impact: Fonenode is currently only available in Nigeria and so, we give it a “Local Impact” rating.