A high functionality cross platform messaging service available on non-smart phones in emerging markets.

Impact International
  • Category Technology/Software
  • Location Accra, Ghana


Saya, targeting emerging markets, is a cross platform messaging application for low-end, non-smart phones at affordable cost to budget conscious consumers. This platform enables access to high functionality applications like location based and social media messaging and multi-media interaction.


Review: Challenge –Communication is important and essential within every society. Instant messaging is one more advanced step in communication evolution. Within the African continent, the use of smart phones is expanding. Presently, most Africans use less expensive non-smart mobile phones, although, they lack the high-end features of smart phones. African consumers desire more and more affordable functionality. Saya, a Ghanaiann company, created and produced this messaging service to assist in addressing this growing market requirement. Solution –Saya founders and innovators understanding that these non-smart phones already had deep market penetration, subsequently developed and produced smart-phone like functions for “non-smart” devices. This application permits users to have superior functionality services such as Face Book chat, group discussions, location-based chat, and multi-media exchange. All this, at a lower cost than sending SMS. While non-smart phones may still comprise a majority of the African handset market over the next few years; at some point, smart phones may become affordable enough to flood the market. Saya is already creating its applications to become functional across multiple platforms. Subsequently, consumers can carry over their applications when they switch to smart phones. These pioneering applications are presently available on JavaMe and Blackberry. Applications for iOS and Android devices are currently in progress. Saya applications are also available via PC through a Chrome app. Additional Notes: This application is already being utilized successfully beyond Ghana and outside the borders of the African continent in countries like Syria, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, among others. It has so far proven to be scalable and practical and it’s near term prospects appear excellent. Impact: Saya has a presence within and beyond the borders of Africa and so, we give it a “International Impact” rating.