A mobile app that allows customers to make payments without cash or credit cards.

Impact Local
  • Category Banking/Finance
  • Location Stellenbosch, South Africa


SnapScan provides customers with a convenient and secure method to make payments via a mobile app. Cash or credit card information is not required at the point of sale.


Challenge – Electronic payments via debit and credit cards have reduced the need to carry large amounts of cash. Debit and credit cards are expedient because numerous merchants accept them and they can be used abroad or right at home via your personal computer or mobile device. In spite of the benefits; debit and credit cards are very susceptible to fraud and theft. Once your credit or debit card leaves your hand, your confidential information maybe stolen. Online, malicious software has been used freely in the past and could very well be used to steal your personal information. In South Africa, financial losses from various credit card fraud increased by 53% between 2010 and 2011. SnapScan developed an app that is easy to use and does not require exchange of any personal information or credit card data. Solution – SnapScan is a mobile app that facilitates mobile payments, is more secure and definitely more convenient. Customers no longer have to present their credit or debit card, which details their personal information and credit card number on the front, this making the card more susceptible to theft and fraud. SnapScan also reduces the need to carry large amounts of cash. Customers simply download the app, enter their debit or credit information and then create a unique 4-digit pin. It’s that simple. The customer can begin making purchases at participating merchants, with the snap of a picture. Each merchant has a unique “Snap Code” that is linked to a bank account. Once a customer takes a picture of the merchant’s “Snap Code”, the store name appears and the customer can then proceed to enter his or her unique 4-digit pin in order to make a purchase. The funds are effectively transferred from the customer’s debit/credit account to the merchant’s bank account. The “Merchant Finder” feature also allows users to locate participating merchants. Additional Notes: SnapScan is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices and it is free. Impact: SnapScan is currently available in South Africa and so we give it a “Local Impact” rating.