A tool that allows developers to obtain feedback for their mobile apps.

Impact International
  • Category Technology/Software
  • Location Giza, Egypt


Instabug allows app developers to get feedback regarding their mobile apps but in a user friendly and intuitive manner. This innovative tool eliminates the necessity for users to undergo multiple steps to report a problem.


Challenge – Creating a useful mobile app that is functional and intuitive for its intended users is essential. Receiving feedback from an extensive or targeted audience is helpful and practical in identifying and remedying problems; especially while the technology is in the testing or beta phase. For many reasons, the process of soliciting feedback can appear complicated and frustrating to users. For instance, users may find it complicated to clarify the precise problem or the feedback mechanism may necessitate too many steps. Instabug has developed and easy to use and original application that permits users to provide feedback to developers directly from their mobile devices. No e-mail necessary! Solution – Instabug created an app that permits developers to receive feedback and reviews about mobile apps whether they are under construction or live. Once this tool is embedded within an app, users can simply shake the phone, draw an arrow pointing to the problem, briefly describe the problematic issue and then transmit. Instabug is fascinating, for the simple reason, that users are not required to send an email to report a bug. The developers swiftly receive a detailed problem report, including information about the device. Instabug also boasts additional features and metrics that are valuable for developers. This tool instantly provides developers with valuable information to quickly diagnose and fix problems. The more rapidly a bug can be repaired, the less frustration for app users. Developers will never have to wait until an app is in stores to receive feedback about problematic issues that could have been resolved while in development. Instabug is currently available on iOS devices. Additional Notes: While Instabug is currently free for app developers, it charges corporations a fee for some customization. The company also plans to release additional, paid features. Impact: Instabug has offices in Egypt and the United States and users from around the world and so we give it a “International Impact” rating.