A social gaming and entertainment platform for PC and certain mobile devices.

Impact International
  • Category Entertainment
  • Location Nairobi, Kenya


Jooist is a social gaming and entertainment platform that permits users to browse and play games. This platform permits friends to compare scores and interact in countless ways. The games are available on certain mobile devices from Nokia and Samsung.


Challenge – Mobile phones have become an essential device for Africans. Basic communications with friends and families is of ultimate importance but mobile phones are also used for business transactions, sending alerts and are a central link for commercial activities. African consumers are now using their mobile devices for entertainment and social networking. Poor distribution networks, difficulty in monetizing mobile games and minimal smart phone penetration use across the continent seemingly had made the African market impenetrable for international gaming developers. Jooist serves as a middleman for gaming content distribution, thereby providing video games that were previously otherwise unavailable to many African consumers. Solution - Jooist provides superior quality video games that guarantee both entertainment and social interaction. The company works with third party mobile publishers to integrate the games with its platform. The games are then hosted on its web and mobile portals. Subsequently, users can then easily access and play or download the games. This platform brings a chose of entertaining games directly to the users fingertips. Jooist is constantly updating its inventory of games since Jooist partners with many international gaming publishers. Additional notes: • The games work on mobile devices with browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. • Jooist boasts bonus features like score comparison and tracking achievements among friends. This feature permits huge social communication. Impact: Jooist has local and international partnerships and so we give it a “International Impact” rating.