A crowd-sourcing mobile app used to report crime.

Impact Local
  • Category Services
  • Location Cape Town, South Africa


SPOTTM is a crowdsourcing mobile app that is used to report crimes. The crime reports can be sent to the police or family and friends or it can be sent to thousands of people within the vicinity of the crime as a safety alert.


Challenge – Crime is a fact of life and even more discouraging is that many crimes are not reported and many remain unsolved. Poor eyewitness accounts, scared victims, lack of crime reporting services, or lack of trust that the police will conduct a thorough investigation are just some of the many factors that impact crime reporting and resolution. In 2011 as many as 1.7m or 52% of crimes that occurred in South Africa were not reported to the police. SPOTTM for its part has created an app to help with crime reporting and safety. Solution – SPOTTM created an interactive and convenient app that allows users to report crimes or send alerts to family and friends. This practical and innovative app enables users called “Spotters” to anonymously report crimes or events as they are happening. Once activated, this app automatically captures the location and time, so the user can proceed to upload supporting evidence video, audio or photos. SPOTTM is currently focused on building the app for smartphones like Android and iPhones but also plans some features for non-smart devices. Other features include an “Emergency Button” which allows users to send information to family and friends when there is a perceived threat and the eDocket feature that allows users to send non-emergency reports to the police. The eDocket feature is especially useful because users do not have to go stand in line at the police station to file a report that is important but not urgent. Additional Notes: This app is currently focused in South Africa but could be useful in many other African countries. Impact: Given that SPOTTM is currently focused in South Africa, we give it a “Local Impact” rating.