A web and mobile platform providing transportation fare information certain West African countries.

Impact Regional
  • Category Transportation/Travel
  • Location Accra, Ghana


A web and mobile application to facilitate information regarding transport fares in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Liberia. Trokx1 is user friendly and is especially clever and helpful for tourists and people unfamiliar with the locale.


Challenge – Traveling to special places and experiencing new adventures is frequently exciting. For many travelers, keeping within a budget is essential so the last thing you want is to overpay for transportation. Negotiating taxi fares is widespread within the African continent. But, if you are unfamiliar with the locale or are a foreign traveler, taxi drivers could inflate the price significantly. Trokxi created and produced an application that permits users to obtain fare estimates between locations. Solution – Trokxi developed and produced an application that provides essential information regarding transportation costs; available on web and mobile devices. Prior to their travels, tourists, and other users unfamiliar with the locale can get fare estimates, route maps and other relevant information. Based upon the travelers budget or travel time, Trokxi users can decide whether to take a taxi or bus service The time of day and traffic congestion information is also factored into the fare estimate. Users are in a far better position to negotiate fares and to reduce the probability of being overcharged. The Trokxi application is most definitely a handy tool to use prior to your next trip to Africa. Additional Notes: Trokxi is currently available on Android devices. Impact: Trokxi has a presence in Ghana and few other countries in West Africa and so, we give it a “Regional Impact” rating.