A platform for monitoring home energy and utility use.

Impact Local
  • Category Services
  • Location Cape Town, South Africa


Homebug enables customers to monitor and control energy usage at home, thereby saving on energy costs. Users can remotely operate their home devices via the Internet.


Challenge - Energy expenditures consume a significant portion of your monthly budget. Costs can rise or fall depending on usage, type and amount of devices, size of the home, number of people living in the home and other factors. Monitoring and controlling your energy usage is important for cost savings. Energy costs in South Africa have been rising and this trend is expected to continue. According to this Bloomberg article Eskom, the largest supplier of electricity in South Africa, is expected to increase power costs by 8% annually over the next five years. While energy prices may be beyond the control of the average consumer, Homebug has created an app to assist users to prudently manage their energy use at home. Solution – Homebug enables users to monitor and control their energy use at home. Once the device is installed, customers are able to receive SMS or email notifications with relevant energy information. For example, daily electricity usage information is available any time by simply logging on to a personal account. The device is simply not limited to monitoring power or energy usage. Customers can control lighting, water and irrigation pumps, and heating devices at home or remotely. The utilities customer is provided with control over their energy usage which is translatable to cost savings. Additional Notes: Homebug offers prepaid electricity and its monthly monitoring service includes electricity usage logs and reports for its customers. Impact: Homebug currently operates in South Africa and so we give it a “Local Impact” rating.