A web and mobile app for transportation and delivery in Nigeria.

Impact Local
  • Category Transportation/Travel
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria


Tranzit is a web and mobile app that allows users to reserve a taxi or car service or even schedule deliveries. This app is currently available for use in Lagos, Nigeria.


Review: Challenge – Lagos, a vibrant and bustling city, is considered the entertainment and commercial capital of Nigeria. The markets, nightlife, culture and people have plenty to offer its citizens and visitors alike. Despite the allure of this great city, getting between locations can be hectic. Waiting for or finding a taxi can be inconvenient and chaotic especially if you have multiple errands or locations to get too. More broadly, logistics and distribution is a major challenge in Nigeria, hence it is imperative that solutions are developed. Logistics and distribution comprises many components such as information technology, human resources, transportation, storage, inventory and operations, service provider management among other areas, hence providing solution to any of these components is important. Tranzit has developed an app that that allows users more control over their transportation plans and also provides delivery services. Solution – Tranzit created an app that allows users to hire a taxi or car service for as little as one trip or for several hours. The app allows you to put your current location and set the date and time for pickup and the driver’s details are sent along with your confirmation. This app can also be used to schedule pickups of items from a store or other locations. The “Tranzit Explore” feature allows users to search for interesting things to do or places to see nearby. This app essentially connects car and taxi services, delivery services with customers. Additional Notes: The Tranzit app is currently available on Android and Blackberry devices. The company plans to expand its services to other cities within Nigeria. This app is also free to download. Impact: Given that Tranzit is currently focused in Lagos Nigeria, we give it a “Local Impact” rating.