A web and mobile platform for farmers to receive important SMS and voice messages.

Impact Local
  • Category Agriculture/Farming
  • Location Kumasi, Ghana


Farmerline is a web and mobile app that connects farmers and investors with important information about their business. This app is currently available in Ghana.


Review: Challenge – Agriculture is a major part of Ghana’s economy and employs a large number of citizens in both the formal and informal sector. Close to 54% of the labor force was employed in agriculture in 2013. Lack of capital, inadequate infrastructure and technology, and a lack of timely information on critical developments are just some of the problems that affect farmers and other agricultural practitioners. This is especially a problem for farmers in rural areas who may have limited communications with suppliers, vendors or distributors. Farmerline created an app that allows all stakeholders to communicate with each other. Solution – Farmerline created a web and mobile messaging platform for easier communication among agricultural stakeholders. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and other institutions can send pertinent information about prices, weather forecasts, pests via phone messages or SMS texts from anywhere in the world. Farmers and other agricultural practitioners also have access to surveys, analysis and other useful data. Information is available in a variety of languages. Organizations can reach a large audience and conduct surveys with this app. This app practical and cost effective for users, because SMS is available to existing non-smart phones, which is used by many people in Ghana and Africa. Users do not have to purchase a more expensive smart-phone or device to use this app. Additional Notes: Farmerline surveys are available for users with both smart and non-smart phones. Impact: Given that Farmerline is currently focused in Ghana, we give it a “local Impact” rating.