A mobile app for locating health care facilities within close proximity.

Impact Local
  • Category Services
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria


Find-A-Med is an amazing and practical app that is used to locate the nearest healthcare facilities. This device also stores critical user health information thereby saving time and potentially saving lives during emergencies.


Review: Challenge – Finding the closest healthcare facility, hospital or pharmacy could mean the difference between receiving immediate treatment or experiencing prolonged agony or perhaps in more dire circumstances the difference between life and death. Even when you get to the hospital, the doctor’s ability to make certain assessments based on your medical history is severely limited because of no medical records. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in Nigeria and across many parts of Africa. Find-A-Med has created a mobile app that allows users to locate healthcare facilities within close proximity and also allows users to store basic medical information for first responders. Solution – Find-A-Med was created to make it easier to find hospitals and healthcare services right from your mobile device. You can search the app and locate health services that are close to you. The app also enables users to add hospital contact information to the database. This app also allows users to add personal health information, however to do this one has to login. This interactive app allows users to give ratings and reviews for healthcare centers. Find-A-Med is an innovative tool that leverages mobile technology to provide up to date healthcare information. Additional Notes: Find-A-Med is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Impact: Given that Find-A-Med is currently available in Nigeria, we give it a “Local Impact” rating.