A web and mobile platform for African music.

Impact International
  • Category Entertainment
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria


Spinlet is a music distribution platform that enables users to browse, listen to, share and purchase African music.


Challenge – Many Nigerians abroad want access to the most recent music and entertainment the country has to offer. Access to communication technology, online music platforms and social media makes it effortless to search for and purchase music. Many Nigerian sounds and beats are available on platforms like iTunes and yet these platforms often do not offer current musical compositions from up and coming or niche artists in emerging markets like Nigeria. Interestingly enough, selling music digitally, will also help to restrain and control piracy. Musical artists will discover a legitimate means to earn revenue. Spinlet recognized this “empty space” and created a platform to discover and distribute music from fresh, new musical artists and established Nigerian musicians. Solution – Spinlet has created a digital music platform for users to browse, share and purchase music from African artists. Spinlet, via its acquisition of music distribution rights, has an extensive collection of African music. Spinlet users will find songs and artists that are not listed on Western music distribution platforms like iTunes or Spotify. This app, which is available for mobile devices, is free to download and is compatible with MP3, iTunes and Windows media player. Spinlet, like other music distribution platforms, enables music to reach geographically isolated audiences. There is certainly a demand for music platforms that offer a variety of musical genre. According to a December 2013 VentureBeat article, Spinlet had over 650,000 registered users and 50,000 local artists. This platform is likely to grow significantly over the next few years with more local and international marketing and exposure. Additional Notes: Users can purchase music via debit/credit cards or with “Spinlet” credits. Impact: Spinlet has operations in the United States (Headquarters), Finland, Nigeria and South Africa and its content is available globally and so we give it a “International Impact” rating.