Iroko Partners

An online distributor of African movies and music

Impact International
  • Category Entertainment
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria


iROKO Partners provides online access primarily for Nigerian and Ghanaian film and music. Viewers can access movies from iROKOtv, which has an extensive selection of Nigerian (Nollywood) film. Music can be accessed from the iROKING music. iROKO Partners provides other streaming platforms including NollywoodLove and YorubaLove.


Challenge – Africa’s diverse cultures and her colorful traditions are kept alive and vibrant via stories. For generations, music, oratory, arts and crafts have been and continue to be an integral part of African folklore. The proliferation of digital media, like television and the Internet has provided African entertainment. Africans living abroad have given rise to an increasing demand for Nollywood movies. This rise in demand has increasingly produced fake and pirated copies of DVD’s. IROKO Partners recognized this piracy and seized upon an opportunity to create an online and mobile streaming platform. Solution – iROKO Partners created an online and mobile platform to meet the increasing demand for Nigerian and Ghanaian film, generated by Africans living abroad, Data from, accessed on 2/19/2014, showed that approximately 32.7% of iROKOtv’s viewership came from Nigeria and the following 33% combined originated from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. iROKOtv maintains an up to date inventory and provides an expansive collection of movies for the viewing public. According to a November 2013 report by the Mckinsey Global Institute titled, “Lions go digital; the Internet’s transformative potential in Africa”, monthly, iROKOtv maintains more than 5,000 unique movies online and draws more than 10 million views from 500,000 distinctive visitors, from within the African continent and from those Africans living abroad. The iROKING music platform has over 35,000 songs. iROKOtv and iROKING are easily available via mobile applications. iROKOtv will potentially expand its distribution channels via cable and satellite TV partnerships with media networks outside of Africa. In the near future, viewers will be able to utilize this platform to access diverse programs such as documentaries, educational series, poetry, plays and other entertainment. Additional Notes: Iroko Partners has offices in Lagos, London, Johannesburg and New York. Impact: Iroko Partners has subscribers and offices around the world and so, we give it a “International Impact” rating.